Information Technology doesn’t matter

debating-itFor thirteen years, the IT community has debated Nicholas Carr’s provocative claim that IT doesn’t matter. In a Harvard Business Review article, he argued that IT, like electricity, is everywhere and therefore doesn’t provide any strategic business advantage.

He got one thing right. As it turned out, cloud computing platforms did indeed commoditize data storage, processing and communication. However, he didn’t anticipate that cloud computing would fuel innovation that enable completely new business models.  Nimble, cloud native innovators created services that made available to everyone, business process automation tools that were previously reserved only for enterprises with hefty IT budgets.  Global by design and deployed in days rather than years, these services instantly created strategic advantages for its users. So, IT mattered a great deal after all. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Information Technology doesn’t matter

  1. cloud based system enables small to medium size NVOCCs to compete toe to toe with multi-national NVOCCs with huge IT budgets. It also allows NVOCCs to focus on what they do best, deliver products at most optimal prices!


  2. Cloud based system helps to drive down costs,it offers unparalleled convenience and portability to the user.
    Cloud-based services provide business with the flexibility to re-configure certain capabilities based on evolving needs.


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